Accommodation & Travelling in Arugam Bay

Accommodation & Travelling in Arugam Bay


If you are deciding to travel to Arugam Bay, especially between the season starting from April and lasting until September, then the first thing to do will be to select your accommodation during your stay well ahead of your intended travel period as things could become pretty busy and properties harder to book due to non-availability of rooms during the peak times.

There are ample lot of accommodation in Arugam Bay ranging from cheap hostels up to luxury hotels. The resorts, villas and hotels adjoining the beach are expensive but offer the advantage of cool temperature due to the sea breeze and the opportunity to relax outside without the hassle of mosquitoes and flies. Most of these places offer amenities such as laundry, dining, free Wi-Fi, travel guide and vehicle for hire etc.

Do confirm whether the hotel has its own power generator and water supply via wells or tanks etc. as since the area is being presently developed, there are some shortage in the distribution of electricity and water supply especially during the peak periods of the year. Also during the high season, the southern area could become a bit noisy due to the hosting of several beach parties and festivals. If you wish a quieter place during these periods, its best if you could find an accommodation in the northern parts of the island. The south side of the area offers a calm sea while the north side is ideal for the strong/experienced swimmers.

Most of these properties can be reserved via any leading online booking websites. There are ample number of reviews online on each of these accommodations published by tourists to check and choose the ideal one to suit your comfort and budget.


Travelling in Arugam Bay can be considered a pleasant experience and can be enjoyed by hiring a scooter or bicycle as well as arranging a jeep or car for hire. Taking a bus or three-wheel (Tuk-Tuk) ride is also another method of transport to be considered within the area but which is expensive (Tuk-Tuk ride) or time consuming (bus ride) draining the wallet and time you could instead spend discovering more of the place. Renting your own method of transport is recommended due to the convenience factor.

You can easily rent a motorbike, bicycle or car from the hotel or hostel you will be staying as most of them provide this facility. Even if you require a travel guide, its high recommended to do so from a reputable hotel or tour agent located in that area for convenience and safety. Try to always travel light due to the distance and climate factors.

Surfing Spots
Komari Point can be reached by traveling towards the north about 10km from Pottuvil along the A4 passing Urani lagoon until you arrive at the Komari light-house. The beach strip and surfing area adjoining the hamlet is untouched with just a few surfers at any given time and much enticing. The ride to this spot passing along swathes of paddy fields is in itself a cool experience to cherish.

Whisky Point is located when you make a turn to the right from the Urani lagoon bridge and head towards the coast. After traveling about 2km, you will come to Sababa bar & café. The surfing spot is just in front and to the right of this place. This a popular site for surfers due to the wide beach with a set of boulders at its bend offering the perfect condition for surfing.

Baby Point is suitable for novice surfers. You can reach this location by first turning left along the beach road found at the very end of A’ Bay Strip and later heading to the right following the beach until you come to Mambos where the surfing point is just opposite of it.

Main Point is the place of happening where surfers flock in huge numbers due to the waves that break over a soft reef making it ideal for some adventurous surfing experience. The main point is located some five hundred meters past the baby point. From the town, simply follow the coast till you arrive at Upali’s beach resort.

Panama is a peaceful village situated 12km south from Arugam Bay. This place possesses a rich ecosystem with plenty of greenery, lagoons, sand dunes, rock stones and seashore.

Located 20km south of Arugam Bay is this village which acts as the entry point of the Yala East National Park and Kumana Bird Sanctuary. This place is blessed with some surfing spots and the holy shrine dedicated to Lord Murugan, which the pilgrims visit on their way to Kataragama temple.

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